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7 Replies to “Was the Prophet Mohamed actually an SNL comedian?”

  1. We can only hope that many more rip up their passports.The french authorities hopefully will not allow him to renew his passport. Despicable human beings.Brain washed idiots.

  2. This is funny. Poor old Merah, what a misunderstood victim of Jewish oppression he was!
    ‘Want to hear something just as amusing?
    I told a Leftist friend that Islam was evil. He laughed at me, and smugly reminded me that all religions were as bad as one another, mentioning of course the Anders Brievik case, and then he gave me a long lesson on the crimes of Christianity.
    Knowing that he liked to have a little flutter from time to time, I made him an offer that he should not have been able to refuse.
    I made a bet with him and told him that each week, we would both scour the news, be it television, newspapers or the internet. Every time that a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist committed murder, rape or any other crime in the name of his or her religion, I would give him five British pounds and every time a Muslim did the same, he would have to give me five pounds.
    I told him that he would be a rich man in no time and I would probably end up owing him a lot of money. After all, he would have nearly every religion in the World to make money from and I would have only Islam. How could he decline such a favorable bet? He would have to be a fool to turn me down!
    Funnily enough, he did turn me down and refused to accept my challenge! Now why is that? After all, the World’s religions are all as bad as one another, aren’t they?

  3. Kapow! Not as ‘Softly Bob’ as you sound. What a great challenge. Of course, you know that this will be used in many a debate with these left thinking numskulls. Thank you.

  4. Robert Spencer says that there isn’t any mention of Mohammad until about 100 years after his supposed death, this casts doubt that he ever lived.

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