Brigitte Gabrielle Vs. pompous news prick. A quick look back for a good belly laugh

Thanks TL for this clip.

In one corner, a brave woman with the courage to speak her truth from her research and experience. She does the hard thing here, and dares make predictions about massive geopolitical events. In the other corner, a pompous politically correct smug little bully who insults and challenges her every step of the way. Now that a little time has passed, let’s see who was right and who was wrong. It is always interesting I find, to revisit peoples predictions and thereby test their models of reality.

March 9 2011

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12 Replies to “Brigitte Gabrielle Vs. pompous news prick. A quick look back for a good belly laugh”

  1. Yeah touche Brigitte, he was a total FW! She is absolutely right. No second guessing there I’m afraid…

    One would have to say that if Islam was able to spread far enough then we would be better off nuking the whole planet so evolution could start again later…

  2. A devout practising Muslim is indeed a wife-beater and Jew hater. A moderate Muslim may not believe in such things but this means that he is not a practising Muslim. He may think that he is, but he is not doing it properly.
    The Koran makes it clear that moderate or false Muslims are effectively apostates. In a Sharia-ruled society, moderate Muslims are bullied and persecuted the same as non-Muslims are. Moderate Muslims may be good, kind-hearted people but they are behaving as they wish Islam to be rather than as it actually is. They may was well invent a brand new religion and call it by a different name.
    Unfortunately it is this distinction that confuses many people and allows Islam to masquerade as something that it isn’t. Along with a healthy dose of taqiyya, this makes the Muslim world a dangerous enigma.

  3. I read this week that Keith Olberman is being replaced at Current TV by Eliot Spitzer!

    Brigitte knows what she is talking about.

  4. Hmmmmm…after watching them strut and prance and twist and shake and shimmy and convulse, chanting “allahuh hakhbar” in the very first vid of the “Arab Spring”, I KNEW how this would turn out. You REALLY didn’t need to be a genius for that. Where do all these completely braindead imbeciles keep coming from.

  5. This really comes down to statistics. The important thing is how many people from the Muslim populations are “radical” and how many are “moderate”. The media would have you believe that the number of “radical” Muslims is vanishingly small. Common observation of Muslim behaviour, backed up by survey after survey would tell us this isn’t true. As would the huge amount of Muslims who listen to the hate filled bile at the local mosque and don’t go to another mosque. This was evident in the Undercover Mosque on channel 4, when the cleric started going on about killing and jihad I observed that not one person got up and walked out, or (which surprised me given what we’re told all the time by Muslims they didn’t stand up and shout, “this isn’t Islam, Islam is a religion of peace)”, but there we go.
    Also the distinction between “radical” and “moderate” Muslims is a false dichotomy, and assumes that there is a black line and you are on one side or the other. A Muslim can be moderate to his fellow Muslims (he wouldn’t blow up a bus, but would give money to Hamas?) and still be a radical by the standards of the Western mind. Within this contradiction between the two cultures, there are probably many thousands of shifting opinions and behaviours, which change over time and with experience.
    The main problem is that it is in fact within this mosaic of shifting dogmas there are many thousands of “radical” Muslims of various shades, and this is the real danger, as with varying degrees of enthusiasm they, without any specific orders “work towards the caliphate”
    “Hard pounding this gentlemen, we shall see who shall pound the longest”

  6. How refreshing. A woman who knows what she’s talking about being challenged by a tool from CNN. I say a tool because even when she gave him an answer he still tried to twist and turn her words. Beautiful. Shame on you Eliot. You’re a disgrace to the journalistic profession. You’d fit right in at the CBC.

  7. Is that the same Eliot Spitzer that was caught with a prostitute and lied under oath?? What a heap of trash! He’ll be one of the first to go, when he has outlived his usefulness!!

  8. A muslim is a muslim and islam is islam. They are all ticking time bombs waiting to go off but no one knows where or when. unless of course they are officially apostates an not dead yet.

    They don’t make distinctions between practicing and non-practicing muslims and neither should we.

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