GLOBAL news indulges in some first rate moral and cultural relativism.

They are a bit late to the party though, aren’t they?

Blazing has a great post on this. A sample is below but please click through to Blazing Cat Fur for the actual videos etc. of this pathetic white wash

Global News Attacks SunTV Says Muslim Wife Beating Manual Just Like The Bible: 

Once again the MSM attempts to whitewash Muslim barbarity.Yup just like the Bible, except for that honour killing thing. If this were a Christian Book you can bet Global would be peeing themselves with glee.

Global has an unnamed Muslim “leader” cite an irrelevant passage from Deuteronomy as “proof” that the Bible is the equal of the Muslim Wife Beater Instructional. I wonder if this “leader” is connected to the Islamic Society of Toronto?

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2 Replies to “GLOBAL news indulges in some first rate moral and cultural relativism.”

  1. The argument that you can find the same things in the Bible is one of the Islamists’ most powerful tools of psychological warfare because it is so effective. Hell, it’s what I used to think before I read the Quran. The Muslims have set out a number of little, and not so little, traps designed to dissuade curious Infidels from looking too deeply into their religion.
    Modern Christians and Jews like to think of themselves as fair and just and reasonable, and are utterly repelled by the idea of condemning anybody’s religion, so they eagerly latch on to the idea that all religions are equivalent, with equal faults as well as virtues.
    They’ll tell you that you have the wrong translation, suggesting that the clever Jews have put out some kind of parallel Koran that’s been altered to make Islam look bad. Then they’ll tell you that the Quran can only be understood in Arabic, so you are incapable of understanding its subtleties. Then they’ll tell you that since you are Western, you are an “Orientalist” who cannot understand anything because your Western perspective renders you incurably biased. Then they’ll throw a few softer Mecca Revelations at you, as if anybody is dumb enough to not know about the Revelation of Abrogation. Then, for good measure, they will tell you that you’re taking it all out of context, then go on to give some ridiculous explanation of what “really” happened and expect you to just accept it, even though al-Quada doesn’t.
    And finally, since Islamism is one great big secret conspiracy, if anybody dares to reveal it they are labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” and are immediately measured for their tin-foil hat and their rubber room. They’ve got us coming and going. We must divorce ourselves completely from these people and not try to deal with them on any level ever again. Islam is genocidal…no kidding…be afraid. Do you want to end up like the Copts of Egypt?

  2. Anyone who takes the time to read both the Bible and the Koran knows they are nothing alike, one is about love and the other about hate.

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