Denmark: Number of non-Western immigrants on “disability retirement” increased tenfold since 1990

By Nicolai Sennels

Our politicians told us that these immigrants would boost our countries’ economy because we need labor. We were told a lot of things, actually. If we did not have Muslims in our countries the West would not have had the present economic crisis. Or most of our other crisis for that matter.

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten March 26th 2012 “Many more immigrants on early retirement

“The number of immigrants from non-western countries on state paid early retirement has increased dramatically, a report from the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit discloses, writes Berlingske.

The study shows that the number non-western immigrants on state paid early retirement is nearly tenfold from 2,979 to 27,375 since 1990.

During the same period the number of non-immigrants on state paid early retirement has fallen from 262,000 to 205,000.

41 percent of non-western immigrants between 55 and 59 years, are on state paid early retirement, while for the amount of non-immigrants is only about13th percent.”

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  1. Instituitional racism takes place almost everywhere in the West, but it is much worse in the private sector. I was talking about this with a sister recently. If you wear hijab/have a beard, take breaks for salah, do not get into the culture of work I.e. after work drinks, christmas parties etc then you will be treated differently, both by colleagues and management.
    A muslim employee will find it very hard to go up the ladder, and generally face difficulty with things such as holidays, working hours and the like. The worst thing is, in my opinion, when you face racism but have no evidence or way of proving it. Racism comes in different forms, and due to all the laws in place to tackle it, “under the table racism” is easy to detect, but hard to prove. It could be looks you get, tasks you are given are heftier than colleagues, and generally trying to make life difficult for you.

    Because of institutional racism, Muslims are having early retirement.

  2. To be fair ifikhar, anyone who worships a mass murdering paedophile is mentally disabled in my book. And I don’t suppose generations of severe inbreeding help either.



    -About 45% of conceptions or pregnancy occur outside marriage:So 45% of children are ILLEGITIMATE
    -Millions of children are damaged during pregnancy because of alcohol,smoking and drugs taken by the mothers!
    600 000 babies are affected/damaged by alcohol/Foetal alcohol Syndrome!
    -about 40% of children are overweight or obese!
    -250 000 people are bitten by dogs every year… mostly they are children!
    -Every day,600 unborn innocent babies are killed in a barbaric painful procedure: through abortion
    (200 000/year)!…7 billion killed in abortion since the abortion Act 1967
    -Millions are deprived of the natural most healthy and blessed diet/food: breastfeeding!
    And they paying the price in their health after
    -Millions are sexually abused at home or by paedophilics
    In Britain,there are more than 110 000 paedophilic men.
    -750 000 children witness domestic violence at home
    -24% live with one parent families!
    -15 million children lost one or two parents!
    -1/10 children have no known fathers! 1/25 children are from different fathers!
    -Hundreds thousands children are in care or kept for adoption (broken families)
    -3.4 million children live in poverty and in desperate circumstances!
    -Millions are hooked on drugs,alcohol and smoking!
    26% take alcohol,18% take drugs,35 000 children under 16 take drugs!
    450 children try smoking every day!
    -Millions are involved in antisocial behaviour and crimes!
    -50 000 play truant every day in Britain!
    29% carry knives!..1/7 teachers are attacked in schools!
    -70% of children are bullied in schools!
    -19 000 children attempt suicide every year!
    -100 000 teenage girls become pregnant every year(outside marriage)
    -34 000 children are at risk of been abused,beaten and killed every week
    (at least 2-3 children are killed every week by the parents)
    -1.2 million children with special needs
    -400 children under 16 run away from home every day!

    According to the latest UN report on children/14 Febr/07:
    Britain’s children:unhappy,neglected and poorly educated
    No :20th in Happiness,18th in poverty and inequality,17th in Education,12th in Health and Safety,last in family and friendships and in sex,drink and drugs????


    On Universal Children’s Day/20 Nov… One can not celebrate this Day in Britain!
    A lot of work is needed in order to address each problem and to work hard on its prevention
    We have to be aware that Some of our own Muslim children might have been affected by some of these problems too!
    The more our Muslim children and parents become “INTEGRATED”,and not keeping their own Islamic identity..the more they will suffer by picking up the same problems of the non Muslims
    The Islamic way of life with Islamic parenting, will definetely PREVENT most of these problems,diseases and suffering which are rife in our British society today.
    Our Almighty ALLAH,the Merciful,the Creator the Legislator,has said in the final Holy BOOK
    AL QUR’AN:

    In the Name of ALLAH,the Most Compassionate,the Most Merciful

    (Surah 13,verse 11)

    British Muslims should come out and show genuine care to all the children in our society and to try to propose and work on some solutions and prevention strategies towards many of these rising serious problems.
    They should also take all necessary precautions in order to save and protect first their own Muslim children too.

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