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8 Replies to “Coren: Friday March 24”

  1. “Two thirds of the world have said this is not what islam is about”…..the remaining two thirds of the muslims have been absolutely bloody silent!!!…..when was the last time you saw 10,000 muslims surrounding the Khadr household screaming for the deportation of the entire family….when was the last time we saw 10,000 muslims on Parliament Hill demanding the lifetime imprisonment of the Toronto 18

    The facts speak loudly……you have not….and you never will…….

    Ms. Ward is bloody delusional.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Muslims have hated Jews before the telephone, the telegraph, the steam engine, gunpowder, movable type and paper currency. And now surrounded by smartphones, credit cards and jet planes, they still hate them. That simple undeniable fact is denied by government, in every university and in every center of culture. And every one of those deniers has blood on his hands.
    From Sultan Knish. This terminally stupid woman has blood of innocents on her hands.

  3. The denial of some people is unbelievable. This woman is typical of the ‘eyes wide shut’ attitude of many ignorant people in the West. I suspect that one day she will realise the truth but maybe when it is unfortunately too late for her or for anyone else to be able to do anything about it.

  4. GAG ME! The Abortion Doctor (what was it, one or two, 15 years ago, and was this in the name of Christianity??) ploy again. Conscious self-hating obfuscation, willful ignorance.

  5. I think Mr. Coran and his other male guest were wasting their time. It would of been just as well that they would of had a cabbage on the desk and try and make it understand that Islamism is the problem. This woman is in total denial. As are most feminist in this country,

  6. Ward is a useful idiot that will continue to ignore reality until she is dead, unfortunately her idiocy will cause the deaths of many thousands if not millions of others.

  7. Another thing, the number of world wars is correct, unfortunately we in the west are having to fight WWIII and WWIV at the same time.

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