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6 Replies to “Over half of Canadians are not so stupid.”

  1. “A rather shocking finding, especially with the Muslim community making up a significant part of Canada’s mosaic.”

    Nothing shocking about that at all! People’s distaste for the ideology of Islam (how they try to repeatedly enforce the “racism” meme) is directly proportional to their exposure to it!

    Ask the Copts of Egypt, or the Assyrians Christians of the Middle East, or the Buddhists of Thailand how they feel about Muslims and they’ll soon tell you the unvarnished truth.

    The only people with only positive things to say are those who’ve never encountered the ideology or the unpleasantness of those who follow it.

  2. If Mohammadans were asked in a survey about the mosaic of non-believers, specifically “do you trust the Canadians?”
    60% illiterate would respond they ‘would not make friends with these unclean’
    30% who could read. ‘Allah Ackbar’

    Most religions of the world are the Kool Aid variety, to pacify allowing leaders to control the adherents. Islam came from a bandit. Only bandits can come from the scribbles of ‘how I became The Last Prophet’.

  3. Unlike the media, I do not find this shocking at all.
    A large percentage of the muslim population in Canada has yet to prove to us that they can be trusted. Firstly, they refuse to integrate in our culture. Secondly, they refuse to denounce terrorism acts in the name of Allah and/or sharia. Thirdly, they are slowly and gradually encroching on our way of life using their ‘religious – political’ law based on the Ko’ran.
    This large percentage of muslim only re-enforces the fact that Islam and western society will never be compatible.
    And a big NO. This is not racism. This is simply a defence against our way of life.

  4. Perhaps more people would trust muslims, if more of them spoke out against the extremist islamic cult and the types of things that happen around the world….
    oh ya, I forgot, they would be killed if they did that

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