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3 Replies to “Toulouse killer called radio, said it was about “Jews” (not zionists) and start of something bigger”

  1. via MyPetJawa, a tweet from Internet Haganah shows on his timeline:

    “Just a reminder: as per repeated messages from AQ, if the Toulouse shooter says he’s AQ, he is, period
    Aaron (Internet Haganah ) also noted the standoff may take awhile, the shooter may be uploading, via dial up, videos he supposedly took during the shooting.”

    Why are they allowing this? Did they cut gas to the apt too? He’s likely to let the place blow up and take out the entire block once he’s done uploading.

    Keystone cops in all their glory . . . won’t shoot the bastard because they’re afraid of making a martyr out of him. Instead, they’re enabling a megalomanic to evolve into super-martyr.

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