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4 Replies to “Tarek Fatah on the Toronto Police”

  1. This is NOT Saudi Arabia! Where is the RCMP on this issue? It’s one thing for the City of Toronto to bow to dhimmitude, the whole city can be declared a no-go zone if that’s how they want it, but if this is a national surrender to Islamic supremacy then we have a real problem.

    Thanks lefties! You have not only let the enemy inside the gates, you’ve joined their side.

  2. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on in Ontario?

    This needs to be stopped now. Please write to your MP and Minister Kenney now. Tarek Fatah is correct, we should not put up with this garbage any longer. If you think you’re safe because you don’t live in Ontario, think again, islam is like a slow spreading cancer. Your time will come.

    If you’re worried about being called a racist or islamophobe, would rather see your grandchildren under the thumb of this cult? It’s time to speak up.

  3. It is so decent of the Toronto police Service to consult all these groups, the Human Rights Commission and other such politically correct band of idiots. One thing they forget to do – consult the taxpayers of their city on whether or not they agree with this nonsense. Shame on the Police Service brass and all the political hacks above them.

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