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9 Replies to “CBN: Islam in Belgium.”

  1. This is indeed, quite grim.

    Muslims may be a minority but they are a easily mobilised force that wish to secure their dominance through fear and intimidation.

    Liberals and Leftists just don’t get it. Muslims are like the Abu Imran that believe in the totality and absolution of Islam. There is no negiotiating with such people. It doesn’t matter how badly Islamic countries do, they will still be convinced they can do it right.

  2. This is VERY scary. Belgium must pass laws which forbid sharia law from being implemented. Courts must not be permitted to operate under sharia law. I don’t know what other solution there is to prevent this from happening. I despair for future generations.

  3. Belgium already has tons of laws to prevent sharia as do all non-Muslim countries on earth. That is no solution anymore than gun control laws are a way to stop criminals from having guns. Laws only work on people who actually respect them for the sake of the culture as a whole.

    There are other solutions. Some are obvious. Deport every single person who clearly wishes to not obey Belgian secular law for a start. Clean out the infiltrated parts of the government such as it is in Belgium.

    Change the immigration policies.


    That is the most obvious one, and the one no-one seems willing to do.

    If these laws are not implemented immediately then we either lose this thing, or have to resort to much more drastic methods of demographic change. Methods I started this site and work 2 shifts a day at my own expense in order to try and avoid.

  4. Other cities will follow brussels. Banning sharia will not do any good. the numbers will finally push islamic law onto everyone. Then Democratic rights will be rescinded and all white people move to china. There is only one solution and that is kick them out- all muslims. Yes ALL muslims. The so called moderates have done little or nothing to stop this sitiuation so they are as responsible as the more muslim groups. If you have lived with them then you know this is the only answer. Look at the middle east. this will be europe if nothing really drastic is done soon.

  5. The only peaceful way to resolve the current situation in Western countries is to round up all muslim families where the women were burqhas and give the women the opportunity to remove them permanently. If they refuse then they will need to be deported back to the rat hole of a country that they came from. If the males of the family object to the women removing their head gear then they should be deported immediately.

    The alternative is the civilian populations of each country arming themselves and then taking their own militant action and effectively starting civil wars to eradicate the male muslim populations in their countries.

    Ross Lloyd

  6. Mind you the Yanks could have headed all this off if they had only possessed a decent set of gonads back in 1979. They should have stomped on Iran back then – problem solved….

    Ross Lloyd
    F22Ross on Twitter

  7. Interesting that the kid beside Ibu whatever-the-hell-his-name-is is playing on what looks to be a smartphone. Such technology wouldn’t have been discovered and created in an Islamic state.

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