‘Suicide attack bid’ on US Defence Secretary

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The Sun UK:

 – Car bursts into flames on runway
– Fears Leon Panetta’s plane was target

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta

Drama … US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta feared to have been target of assassination bid
By DAVID WILLETTS, Defence Correspondent
Published: Today at 13:59

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is feared to have been the target of a suicide attack at Camp Bastion today.

A vehicle got on to the runway and burst into flames as Mr Panetta’s plane landed in Afghanistan this morning.

The suspected attack also hurt a British squaddie but the extent of the injuries are currently unknown.

The drama unfolded just hours ago on the sprawling base — Britain’s main outpost in the warzone.

Defence supremo Mr Panetta flew into Afghanistan today to quell fears after a US soldier went on the rampage killing 16 innocent Afghans.

But as his plane was landing a vehicle appeared on the runway and subsequently caught fire.

Sources at the scene claim it was a suicide attack — but those allegations have not yet been officially confirmed.

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Leon Panetta's plane was landing at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

Camp Bastion … Leon Panetta’s plane was landing at British base in Afghanistan


An individual inside the vehicle is receiving medical care for burns, sources say.

More here at the New York Times. The question of course is, ‘Was it a Chevy Volt?’

In which case, no cause for alarm.



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