Arab Spring, the consequence of Islamic ascendancy

It would have been very interesting to hear her complaints and why she was at the embassy of her country of origin.

This might also be a good time to mention that the reason that European nations actually went out and colonized parts of Africa and the middle east, was actually to end slavery, an economic activity carried on mostly by Arab Muslims, then as it is today.

From Tarek Fatah’s Facebook page:

Here is Arab Spring in its full bloom! An Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon who was filmed (in this video) being physically abused in public has committed suicide. The video, first aired by Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) last week, caused outrage by showing a man abusing Alem Dechasa as she cried on a street outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut. The man was shown grabbing Dechasa and telling her, “get into the car” while she screamed out, “no, no, no”. Another man then assisted in dragging Dechasa into the back of a car as she struggled to resist.

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