Belgium Shiia Mosque bombing: Muslim leaders call into question the Salafists

The police clearly agree with Vlad Tepes. First place you check, another flavor of Muslim.

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BRUSSELS – Belgium Muslim representatives have questioned Monday night the Sunni Salafi movement in an arson attack that targeted a Shiite mosque in Brussels and killed its imam, asphyxiated by smoke development.
Vice President of the Muslim Executive of Belgium, Isabelle Praile itself Shiite, said the evidence given at the mosque pointed the finger action Salafi extremists.

The Islamic center Rida, who is the most important Shiite mosque in Brussels, had already been placed under police protection, some years after the Salafist threat, said Isabelle Praile.

Police said his side it was too early to speak of the tracks.

Another senior Shiite Azzedine Laghmich, working in the mosque, also said that the slogans shouted by the assailant set fire to the mosque pointing towards the Salafi movement anti-Shiite. This is a Salafi, all the testimony of those present the show, he told AFP.

He said the man entered the building and set it on fire with gasoline before trying to get out shouting slogans Salafi related to the conflict in Syria. But it was blocked by passers-by and faithful who locked him inside the mosque caught fire, before he was arrested by police.

The imam has died he tried to extinguish the fire initially with another charge of the mosque, a senior, but he did not succeed. Both were later tried to escape through the floor but only one of them could do so, said the official.

The victim was named Abdallah Dadou according to television channel RTBF Belgian public. She was 47 years.

According to the head, the mosque was laid in the past received threatening letters. He challenged the hate speech preached in some Salafi mosques in the city.

In 2007, followers of the mosque were concerned about threats from Sunni reaction to the Iraq war: some followers had reported the presence of cars loitering around the facility and even the presence of individuals who were the gesture of slitting his throat.

The burgomaster (mayor) of Anderlecht had explained that the fears of Rida were clearly within the context of Iraq.

The Sunni community is largely predominant in Brussels while the Shiites represent only a tiny fraction of Muslims in the Belgian capital. Rida mosque which was targeted Monday by arson is one of the four Shiite mosques that are included in the Brussels region.

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