An interesting ‘pamphlet’ handed out at a major mall in Ottawa today

Here is an interesting little document that representatives of Louis Farrakhan’s organization, The Nation of Islam, were passing out at Ottawa’s The Rideau Center today and was given to me by a concerned citizen:

An interesting new twist to Islamic antisemitism.

Now, a quick look at the truth and facts around the slave trade of African blacks.

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5 Replies to “An interesting ‘pamphlet’ handed out at a major mall in Ottawa today”

  1. The Nation of Islam and their leader are nothing more to me than stupid ( for converting) hateful, converted muslims. They are so stupid that they convert to the “religion” that was responsible for the slave trade and still trades blacks as slaves. Hope they get what they so richly deserve.

  2. They are so stupid that they convert to the “religion” that was responsible for the slave trade and still trades blacks as slaves.

    And, when that’s not the case, they heap praise on it, like Buraq Hussein’s minister Jeremiah Wrong.

  3. How a dirty propagandistic trick. Muslims trying to congratiate with whites/non-muslims by depicting jews as slave traders and trying to raise animosity against them. Here begins and ends muslim creativity. The only thing they are able to create is hatred and enmity.

  4. Yes but they do that so well Hermes. The problem is their fantastic success at it. It’s almost textbook game-theory in a way. Ultimate competition Vs. the cooperative societies of the Greek enlightenment. They easily could win this thing by exploiting our cooperative, trusting and domesticated nature as well as divisions within our cultures that Marxists have been creating for decades now. And they are exploiting these things.

    They could ‘win’ this. But like Spain, eventually they will have spent all they plunder from us and send the world so far back that it will collapse and cooperation will ultimately be the strategy that wins in the long haul. But I for one am not ready to accept the damage and loss that seeing an Islamic win in Western nations means.

    We already have too many examples to to bother debating the truth of what a post-Western nation looks like under Islam. So we better figure out what we ar willing to lose in the short to sustain in the long term.

  5. Yes, they are successful indeed. And westerners simply swallow every hook thrown before them. It’s tragic. I slightly doubt westerners were cooperative, because marxism has done an unparalelled good job at splitting societies into pieces. And democracy itself goes about splitting the population of a country into two or more groups which support different parties. Here the concept of a united population begins to weaken. Democracy was not intended to split a nation in factions which fight each other for the power only to lose it after 4-8 years. And what’s more, every time a government changes nearly all policies are also changed, so the country simply cannot progress efficiently. A famous spanish writer wrote once that the best form of government would be an “intelligent dictature”. I find paralellism with Plato’s concept of the Aristoi – the most suitable for governing a land.

    But is true that westerners are trusting and domesticated. Welfare, dependence of the state, hollywood-sh..t and absence of war have weakened the western mind to the point that they have simply forgotten to be critical. They cannot distinguish between fiction and reality, everything is believed, they do not usually see the hidden threats and perils, and they have lost the capacity of self-defense. The welfare has turned them into lambs.

    I also do not want to see the west under Sharia, but many times is utterly discouraging to see how ignorant and denial-driven westerners are. They swim in a sea of cliches and preconceptions, and muslims play with them like puppets.

    Lose in the short to sustain in the long term is very logical, but perhaps an entire change would be also a good strategy. Yes we should lose… everything. Because the west is completely pervaded with multiculturalism and marxism. Completely. Is the forgotten sanity of the pre-marxist past which should be retrieved and sustained in the long term. Because now we are entirely surrounded with politically correct and leftist decay.

    I myself try to spread info as far and wide as I can taking care not to be spotted, but the level of success is quite low. Every new “enlightened” westerner is a gift.

    Sorry for this would-be-essay, I have read too much from Fjordman 😛

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