The CBC Analysis – Cold Wars and Limbo Poles

(J-Practical, March 2, 2012)

In the past weeks we’ve been regaled by “analyses” produced by the CBC on various topics. Each one is somewhat interesting, but most leave a lot to be desired. What happened to the concept of “analysis”? Why is it that there are bloggers out there who do a better analysis of events using a pitiful fraction of the bloated resources available to our national broadcaster?

The mind boggles. Here’s an example of stunning mediocrity at the CBC, which would never have been tolerated 15 years ago.

Today’s web page contains the report “Incidents suggest Israel-Iran ‘cold war’ intensifying” by Andre Mayer. A quick lookup tells you that “Andre Mayer writes about the arts for“, “a Toronto-based journalist who lives to write and writes to live“, “Senior editor at CBC Arts Online“, “Features writer for“.

So what qualifies a features and arts writer to pen a report about Israel and Iran? Apparently, at the CBC, everyone is equally qualified to report on all things – actual in-depth knowledge isn’t required. (Where’s the CBC editorial process?)


Through Andre, the CBC tells us that ” there are growing indications that Israel and Iran have actually been fighting a covert war for years”. How astute of them to notice it – but actually, most of the rest of the international community knows that Iran has been attacking Israel, through its proxies, since 1982. Nobody with a lick of sense, or a gram of actual knowledge, would say something so remarkably inane or obvious. (Where’s the CBC editorial process?)

For years, the US Congress has discussed reports of Iran sponsoring international Islamic terrorism, funding, arming training and inspiring terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah, Hamas. Just a few weeks ago, the CBC reported how Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatolla Khamenei proudly announced to the world how they’ve been materially supporting terrorist organizations’ attacks on Israel since 1982, and will continue to do so

Hezbollah has even confirmed it.

Do you think Andre Mayer even mentioned it? I doubt he was even aware of it. (Where’s the CBC fact checking and editorial process?)

Similarly, Andre didn’t mention that:

  • . Do you think the CBC considers a 1994 attack by Iran on Israelis and Jews in Argentina counts as a “growing indication” of a “covert war”?
  • Cargo ships carrying Iranian arms and sophisticated missiles to Hamas, have been stopped by Israel (Victoria and Francop), and the US (Hansa India). In 2010, Italian customs officers seized between 6 and 7 tons of RDX high explosives that were en route from Iran to Hezbollah.


How could a reputable news service write a serious analysis about an “Israel-Iran cold war” that isn’t a “cold war” at all? How could you miss the thousands of Israelis killed and maimed by terrorists sponsored by Iran? How do you call that a “cold war”?

What informed journalist would write that kind of slop, and where (again) is the CBC knowledge, fact checking and editorial process?

How can a serious analyst state that “The two countries have publicly threatened military action against each other”, but fail to mention that Iranian leaders vow “death to Israel”, the “germ”, “parasite”, and “cancer”, while Israeli leaders are concerned about the defense of Israel?


I can understand  how Andre Mayer could get it wrong. After all, I expect it to be hard to focus on a complex subject like the Middle East, when all you’ve been reporting for years are the Golden Globe Awards, Oscars, Britney Spears, Josh Groban and DJ Earworm.

But how is it that the CBC editorial process didn’t read through this “fluff”, and detect its monumental weaknesses. Where’s the journalistic depth and capabilities that the CBC should bring to bear on reporting the world’s events (considering the financial depth of its pockets – paid by our tax dollars)?

How could Andre’s meager, pitiful research be allowed under the CBC’s banner?

Is it because his editors knew no better?

Or because the CBC standards have dropped lower than a limbo pole in a high school party?

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