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3 Replies to “Women in Afghanistan today: Michael Coren”

  1. Another instance of Human trading & treating women as objects less than human in Afghanistan. This must be about the 1000th article or video of Afghani women being treated subhuman.
    Am I shocked? No.
    Am I outraged? No not really, I can still eat my McFlurry and watch this video.
    Am I even saddened? No, can’t see that I am.

    I am American and I am a US Navy vet who deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. (boots on the ground, dealt with the population, & got to shoot and kill a few of those savages myself) Back when I was there the Afghans acted subhuman and like savages. Today they do the same. We have spent billions in warfighting which is good in Afghanistan. What is bad is we have spent perhaps more “rebuilding” a country that was never “built” in the first place.
    If you find this offensive sorry but I have read vulgarities here before & I can use no other word to express my thought. But Fuck Afghanistan and the people who reside in its borders. I have more sympathy for the wild dogs that run around there than I do the “people”. I served in Iraq too right after Afghanistan & let me be blunt, that at least the Iraqis were Human Beings and you could tell that they were. The Afghans are so backwards and offer NOTHING positive. They do not provide any real resources, nor does their culture offer anything to mankind. Everything they do is embarrassing to the human race. Like I said you could communicate with the Iraqis and could tell they were human and had humanity.
    I remember watching time and time again over my deployment there how the strong would beat on the weak, how what I assume were Fathers beating with sticks their toddler and kindergarten aged children viciously. illeteriate MORONS who “read” the KO’ran in arabic, yet could not read nor speak Arabic.

    This UGLY woman from 3:17 to 3:33 is TOTAL bullshit!

    While most now here are saying “Just get out of Afghanistan” I would like to add to that.
    “Just get out of Afghanistan, after shooting Karzi & his ENTIRE corrupt tribe of savages that WE propped up for their Government” Close them off to the rest of the world and let them kill each other off.

    ALWAYS REMEMBER, We won the war against the Taliban & Afghanistan within 6 weeks with the no Ground Forces nor Tanks. We won that war with the US Special Operations Command, along with Special Operators from other friendly countries. Yes, about 6 weeks! Yet we are still mucking around over there trying to win their hearts.
    & you cannot win the hearts of a people who have no brains.

    Olsen Rainer

  2. To the person above. Seems like a perfectly good idea to me. Haven’t been to this worthless piece of shiite country myself but I’ll take your word for it. LOL

  3. I had to walk away from this report before posting a reaction to it. Olsen above justifies my immediate reaction, which is admittedly, I felt nothing. Having backed the American effort (initially) to nation build in Afghanistan only , one realized within a couple of years that such was not a workable concept since the people of Afghanistan as well as the Allied Forces were betrayed the moment sharia was incorporated into their constitution. How many generations of Allied blood and treasure is it going to take to recognize this? Olsen’s on-the-ground experience confirms what those of us on the outside suspected all along. Afghanistan is a lost cause and should be left to die of natural causes . . .after . . .” after shooting Karzi & his ENTIRE corrupt tribe of savages that WE propped up for their Government”. . .to which I would add, burn every madrassa and mosque to the ground. Let the mullahs fall on their own swords at the hands of those they forced into pious illiteracy and perpetual ignorance.

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