Libyans destroy graves of Christians and Jews.

Well. That worked out well didn’t it.

I have put out a call to an Arabic speaker I know. I hope to have a translated version of this video by tonight but I suspect there is nothing in what is said that will add more information to this video.

Here is a story I think on this event from the Mail:

Here is another article claiming that this act was retaliation for the Koran burnings in Afghanistan although I would like to check the timeline on that one.

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4 Replies to “Libyans destroy graves of Christians and Jews.”

  1. That’s not just the “…graves of Christians and Jews…”, it’s a Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, which is indicated by the Cross with a Sword, and confirmed at 1:23.

  2. Yes I added a link to the Daily Mail story on exactly that. The title is the English translation of the French title of this video.

    I am still looking for someone to translate what the man says in case there is more of a clue as to the specific motives of those … people.

  3. The tombstone are the only available western military objects they have to vent their burned Afghan koran rage on.

    ‘Slums will be ‘Slums.

  4. When a mosque gets burnt down in the west I hope no one condemns it and those who do get told to shut up. Also why doesn’t the Brits remove all the dead from these places and intern them in britain. Maybe they could do it near Oldham and wait for the savages to destroy them and use it as an excuse to ship them all back.

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