Macedonia – the new Kosovo?

Muslims just have to invent a slight against Islam and they can rampage a town, rape non-Muslim women, kill Christians, burn down churches and get weepy-face out of the most powerful men in the world. No wonder so many convert to Islam. You become powerful beyond belief.


By SRDJA TRIFKOVIC 02/28/2012 23:51

Both demographically and politically, the republic has a precarious present and an uncertain future.


An Orthodox church was set ablaze in the southwestern part of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on January 30. The incident reflects raising tensions between local Christian Slavs and Albanians, more than a decade after an Albanian rebellion brought FYROM to the verge of an ethnic war. It also evokes memories of the early stages of the conflict in Kosovo, in the late 1980s.

The Church of St. Nicholas, in the majority Albanian-Muslim village of Labuniste, was two centuries old and housed valuable icons. The arson at Labuniste followed the burning of a Macedonian flag and the raising of Albanian and Islamic banners in the neighboring town of Struga, allegedly in reaction to an incident of “mocking Islam” at a local carnival last month.

The town, on the shores of Lake Ohrid, lies at the southern edge of the line of ethnic separation between the two communities.

The exact figures are disputed, but Macedonian Slavs account for about two-thirds (1.3 million) and Albanians for 30 percent (600,000) of the republic’s two million people.

The latter, 98% Muslim, have had a remarkable rate of growth since 1961, when they accounted for only 13% of the total. The Albanian birthrate has been more than twice that of Slavs for decades.

Following the signing of the NATO-brokered Ohrid Agreement that ended the 2001 Albanian rebellion by the “NLA” (a Kosovo Liberation Army subsidiary), FYROM has become binational and bilingual and the Albanians its second constituent nation. They are guaranteed proportional share of government power and an ethnicallybased police force. This has turned FYROM into the weakest state in the Balkans and its de facto ethnic partition has become formalized and internationally guaranteed.

Having secured their dominance along the borders of Albania and Kosovo, the current main thrust of the Albanian ethno-religious encroachment has the country’s capital city as its primary objective. It is a littleknown fact that today’s Skopje is effectively as divided as Nicosia or Jerusalem. Once a city quarter becomes majority-Albanian, it is quickly emptied of its Slavic, non-Muslim population.

The time-tested technique is to construct a mosque in a mixed area, to broadcast prayer calls at full blast five times a day, and to create the visible and audible impression of dominance that intimidates non- Muslims (the locals call it “sonic cleansing”).

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  1. This is the next domino in Europe to fall, expect more violence all across Europe this summer as they start building the pretexts for the next domino.

  2. Had to look this up
    Muslims comprise 33% of the population which is 4th after Bosnia with 48%.
    2002 Census, 46.5% of the children aged 0–4 were Muslim

    Wow Wikipedia can be informative sometimes. ha

  3. I feel bad for Alexander the great some turkish christian slavs are claimin his heritage and call themselves Macedonians, Ancient Macedonians have more in common with Greeks and those “muslim” Albanians (one of them beeing Mother Theresa) then slavs, by the way many of these mulims are not Albanian but slavic called “torbesh” you can see in Wikipedia and they are some of most radical in balkans.

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