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4 Replies to “Good news coverage of the Zombie Mohamed incident”

  1. Yes, I want to see more of this stuff about their cult,

    Why doesn’t someone do a survery of how many little girls in Canada are in classes all over, even in weatheir districts in the berbs, sitting in class, wearing their heads covered, and this is what is changing our country……for the worse

    Idiots in government allowing this type of immigration

    Stop islamics now….

  2. Volokh.com posted a weak response from Martin.

    Unless the audio tape & transcript of the hearing was altered, Martin’s refutation is full of holes and further opens questions to his credibility.

    Considering Martin was RE-elected to a six year term on the bench, after running un-opposed, he stated :

    ” out of respect to people with faiths other than Christianity, I DO have a Quran on the bookcase BESIDE my bench, and am trying to acquire a Torah, Book of Mormon, Book of Confucius and any other artifacts which those with a faith might respect).”

    So, after 6+ years on the bench as an elected magistrate, it appears his attempt was weak at best.
    Why didn’t this ‘judge’ equally lecture Talaag Elbayomy against physically assaulting Ernest Perce, an act which is against the cultural norms of this society and it’s Constitutional laws ? Why didn’t this ‘judge’ refuse to enter the video of this incident into evidence? Too many holes. If not to intimidate, why lecture on sharia remedies of other nations? To claim he didn’t threaten Perce with jail because Martin only suggested a potential charge of ‘contempt’ if Perce released the audio for public consumption – is beyond pathetic. Remove Martin from the bench immediately.
    Dr. Andrew Bostom: An American ‘Kadi’ in Pennsylvania’s Court

  3. What this judge seems to be saying is if you piss off a specific group of people with your costume to the point it incites violence then it’s your own fault.

    Which this is exactly the same argument for women who do not were a burka and are attacked/raped. It is their own fault.

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