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6 Replies to “Tommy Robinson at today’s EDL demo.”

  1. @ Richard

    I agree but with due respect Tommy is no ordinary citizen. He’s a rare individual with courage who is standing up for his birthright against all odds. He is one in a million. Too bad there aren’t any politicians with his values.

  2. @PIGS: How very true. Tommy Robinson has done something no contemporary British politician would ever be willing to do, put himself in mortal danger and be willing to die for his values and his country. If you ask me, Tommy definitely has the moral high ground and far, far more integrity then the entire UK ruling class. The man is absolutely sublime.

  3. Thank God for men like Tommy Robinson. As he said… Luton picked them.
    History picks people, and he is rising to the call. He didn’t have to do it, but he is a “man’s man,” with the heart of a lion.
    I hope that the EDL realizes how much we are rooting for them.
    EDL! NFSE!

  4. Tommy Robinson is ALL OVER IT! This is his most excellent speech yet. It promotes British unity while dealing with the Muslim problem. Now the Muslims should start backing off unless they are radicals. Then we should start hearing calls for Muslim unity too “deal with” people like him. Though he is dealing with it as indirect & unconfrontational as possible, I still wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow manages to get a fatwa soon.

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