Spain: Pakistani Refugee Calls for Koran to be Banned

From Islam Vs. Europe:

Imran Farasat

A Paki living in Spain named Imran Farasat has launched a petition calling for the Koran to be banned. He has sent it to numerous government officials, ministries and organisations.

His petition has 10 points:

The Koran is not a sacred and religious book, but a violent book, full of hatred and discrimination.

The Koran is a horrible book which provokes a community which calls itself Muslims to undertake jihad, kill innocent people and destroy the peace of the world.

The Koran is responsible for all the terrorism we have seen in recent years in which thousands of people lost their lives.

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14 Replies to “Spain: Pakistani Refugee Calls for Koran to be Banned”

  1. Even in the depths of darkness, even in the stifled minds of the brainwashed there lies light and hope.
    It’s a refreshing change to hear that an immigrant to the West is speaking out against this darkness instead of bringing the darkness with him!

  2. How daring he is… he writes that:

    “It’s not easy to fight against such a violent religion. I don’t care what I’m accused of, I’ll keep on fighting till the word “Islam” is erased. Someone has to take the sacrifice, otherwise we will never have a peaceful world without Islam”

    It’s his response in spanish to the usual comments from muslims on facebook, comments such as “you are wrong, Islam is peace”, “we are the fastest growing faith”, blah blah blah…

    He also declares proudly that he will burn the Koran in Spain.


  3. Yes, I agree completely. Ban the koranus and burn it together with pok. That will send a clear message to all the arselifters of the world.

  4. The Koran’s main weakness or the Achilles heel is it’s contempt for women [50%] reducing them to chattel. There is an awesome lack of love and respect. Violence and division[war] is advocated and begins within the family itself- the core unit at the foundation of any society!.

    Banning or burning the Koran will not destroy the idea of Islam. The idea has to be first destroyed within the minds of its followers!

  5. “It’s not easy to fight against such a violent religion. I don’t care what I’m accused of, I’ll keep on fighting till the word “Islam” is erased. Someone has to take the sacrifice, otherwise we will never have a peaceful world without Islam”

    I agree that is incredible

  6. The word paki is used by the younger pakistani community about themselves.I have used it in conversion when having dinner with some pakistani butchers. They asked ‘Why do people call us paki bastards (My name)?’ I replied ‘because you are pakis and some of you are bastards’.
    This actually got a laugh but it was said in an informal setting at a dinner.I wouldnt suggest saying it to any old pakistani in the street.What it did make me realise is that they like most people have a sense of humour and really we dont need to pussyfoot around the issue too much as they are some of the most racist people on earth.As we well know.However ‘Infidels’ arent a race in the same same way a muslim isnt part of a race…..just part of a demented death cult.

  7. ohhh God! says: ” ‘Infidels’ arent a race in the same same way a muslim isnt part of a race…..just part of a demented death cult.”

    No but Jews ARE a race and a lot of the moralities bound to their traditions just happen to be the backbone and foundation of our Western society. Which is the reason why we should all be supporting Israel. It symbolizes love, respect, family and reason over blind faith in a world that was all about hatred, betrayal, death and scorn. When you look at the 7 Deadly sins: they epitomize the world around Israel as it evolved and the Code of Hammurabi and subsequent Moham-madman teachings (turned fake religion). There is a REASON why the world’s best (according to our values) religions came out of Israel – and that is because Israel has been and literally still is surrounded by a sea of those sins. Just as today, the Israelis have only wanted to live in peace but have always been unable to due to the teachings of Moham-madman that every Muslim should hate Jews and as a life teaching, strive to emulate Moham-madman, who personal engaged in the beheadings of 700 Jews during his lifetime, simply because they rejected the bull$hit he was spewing. The Jews have always said that G-d was never and never will be any mere man walking about on the earth, and so why should Moham-madman be any different?

    At this time when Israel is being threatened by Iran and every Muslim in the ME has been encouraged to stand in union against (Little & Great Satan) is when we should all be saying now that “We Are ALL Jews” and prepare for what is to come.

  8. I took the liberty of translating to english some excerpts from Imran’s announcement about his planned burning of the Koran.

    “I, Imran Firasat, a pakistani ex-muslim and a free citizen of Spain declare proudly that:


    When reading this, many will become curious and many questions will come up in their minds. For example, “when, where, why.?, etc..” Please be a bit patient. I’ll give answers right now:

    When? – Very soon. In any day, in any moment. I cannot decide for a specific day because of some legal arrangements I’m carrying through in order to make this action accordingly to the law and not violate the limits of the freedom of expression. You will soon find complete info about this burning action on my webpage.

    Where? – I cannot disclose this information now due to personal security reasons, for you can easily imagine that islamist all over the world, and also in Spain, will be ready to kill me right in the place if I disclose it now.

    Last year I made the mistake of telling everybody that I will burn the Koran in the Plaza del Sol, in Madrid, and after that I got so many death threats from islamists in Spain that even the national police told me to take care because many will wait for me there to “hurt me”. That’s why last year I had to stop with my plan to burn the Koran. But now I will inform no one till the last minute. But do not worry, I’ll soon inform you through my webpage.”

    The next point is “why”, followed by the 10 points and a long essay about the violent suras in the Koran.

    Interesting. I’ll keep an eye on this site.

  9. I wish our knee jerk reactors who claim e can’t do anything about Islam without destroying our freedom of religion would learn from this man.

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