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9 Replies to “Palestinians sharpen their marksmanship”

  1. Ross, I’d do a number on the photographers who set up to record these attempted murders as well. Hurling stones at a speeding vehicle is just that – attempted murder.

    This Pallywood-like tactic is standard behavior of Western anti-Israel reporters, and the sooner they end up in jail as accomplices the better.

  2. Why do they always try too minimize this by calling it stone throwing? These savages are throwing rocks. It should be called rock throwing.

  3. Well, the Paleostinians live in the Stone Age anyway. What can we honestly expect from a relic hominid population of the genus, Homo Islamopithicus. Lithic marksmanship is one of their well documented behaviors in the wilds of Samaria-Judea, and they even use it as a method of capital punishment upon the errant females of the species.

  4. Yes you are right Dallas. The photographers are just as guilty.

    When Pigs Fly, actually Mate they should refer to it as launching missiles in an act of attempted murder.

    Randy, your comment would be hilarious, if it weren’t for the poor totally defenceless female vicitms…

  5. @ROSS: How true. Forgive me but in light of the places i’ve been to, the things mine eyes have seen, and sounds my ears have heard, a little gallows humor is a necessity in order to maintain a modicum of levity.

  6. As soon as you clear the line…slam on your brakes…hit reverse peddle to the metal…and in a line…run them all down with a rear attack! >>>KABLAM<<< !
    Then just as quickly…speed away! Shalommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

  7. Excellent advice Slobo. “Oops, speed bumps!” :)))

    Yes Randy, very true. I’m still haunted though by a video clip that I saw early last year that was taken by someone on a camera phone (don’t whether they did so to incriminate the perpretators or in support of their actions…) of a poor teenage girl being kicked and stoned to death in the streat by a mob of Arab men, evidently for refusing an arranged marriage. They finished her off by throwing down a heavy concrete block onto her unprotected head several times. The most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

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