Canadian doctors confront Female Genital Mutilation. In Canada.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada is calling for a cultural change in attitudes toward female genital mutilation, a practice it calls a human rights violation.

“We want to raise awareness that there are more and more women we are seeing (with this procedure) because of immigration,” Dr. Margaret Burnett, chair of the society’s Social and Sexual Issues Committee, told Postmedia News.

“Cultural values and norms that promote (female genital mutilation) procedures must change to ensure that females are not confronted with intolerant environments and unnecessary procedures involving immediate and longer-term risks, complications and consequences,” Burnett said.





4 Replies to “Canadian doctors confront Female Genital Mutilation. In Canada.”

  1. Hopefully at least some of the doctors are reporting these cases, as they are illegal and the people responsible can be charged…however, as more and more immigraqnts from countries that think this is an ok thing, like Egypt, and many other countries, when these ‘culturally equal mentalities complete their handicapped standardization in order to qualify, but not really, for medical practice, then they of course because of their cultural beliefs will never ever report these incidences, and likely perform them….

  2. Come to think of it. How many of these females are cashing in disability benefits because of their excision. I wouldn’t be surprised that a mechanism of retribution for THEIR retarded practices would have been put in place by OUR societies on OUR dime. I wonder if there’s any information available on that.

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