Terror as 25 men wielding weapons clash in street

This is Hull and East Riding

RESIDENTS have told how they were woken up by a violent gang fight in the middle of the night.

About 25 men, wielding sticks and batons, clashed at about 4.45am yesterday, with one man being deliberately run over.

  1. ?Police outside the Plaza Pizzeria, Old Goole. Picture by Sean Stewart

    INVESTIGATION: Police at the scene outside the Plaza Pizzeria in Old Goole. Picture: Sean Stewart

The Mail understands the fight broke out between rival Turkish gangs outside the Plaza Pizzeria in Swinefleet Road, Old Goole.

Brendan Gutteridge lives above where the fighting happened.

He said: “I was woken up at about 4.45am and saw about 25 Turkish men, aged between 25 and 40, fighting.

“They were using all sorts of weapons and the fight must have lasted about 20 minutes.

“It seemed to end when someone drove a car and ran another man over.

“The driver tried to hit someone else but crashed into a bollard.

“At first, I thought it was down to family problems but someone said these people came from Hull and Scunthorpe.

“One group only had about four to six people and was heavily outnumbered.

“It wasn’t pleasant to see this happening outside your home.”

Other witnesses described their terror as the fight broke out in the street.

One woman, who didn’t want to be named, said: “I heard screaming and shouting from Humber Street and I just thought it was a little scrap. But when I looked, there were lots of men smashing cars.

“I was terrified.”

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4 Replies to “Terror as 25 men wielding weapons clash in street”

  1. More muzscum wrecking havoc among decent people, and some want EU membership for Turkey and more muzscum immigrants.

    Hmm, when I clicked the link and read the article, I noticed at the bottom that comments have been disabled for “legal reasons.” Democracy is dead in the UK. It is for the time being, rule by the left leaning elite oligarchs and soon to be replaced by the muzscum clerics unless the British can reclaim their heritage and birthright.

  2. This is the shape of things to come. What a heritage we are leaving for future generations, thanks to the political quislings who are ruining our country. Riots and
    disturbances involving ethnic groups are now a common occurrence thanks to the
    multicultural policies and a government which continues to allow mass immigration
    Into the UK. Britain is now facing the greatest threat to it’s future since the second
    World war. Our eunuchs in Westminster should hang their heads in shame.

  3. Hey all again, I may be wrong but I have a slight speculation on this incident. I would imagine a fight with such ferocity would be unlikely to have been fought between Turks alone. I would imagine it would have been a fight between Kurds and Turks who are mortal enemies. I may be wrong but if you you tube Turkish vs Kurdish there are quite a few vids of Kurds and Turks fighting on European streets such as Germany, and quite frequently in London

  4. Once again the religion of peace proves not to be peaceful, and once again the anti-gun laws leave the honest citizens at the mercy of the thugs. At least this time no innocent bystander was injured or killed.

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