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3 Replies to “Cool military tech”

  1. these will be useful in a few years if not already, in the townships in Europe that have been overrun by islamics, also Toronto and , Surrey, could have some on order to use in the islamic and sikh areas where all the freed terrorists hang out, and where in a few years if we don’t prevent these lunatic groups from having their extremist voice for their evil crimes of hate, promotion of their backward cult values, and purposeful rejection of everything in this culture except making money, which often involves slave labor and incestuous practices, These vehicles will be needed, because it will no longer be safe for police to enter….
    Hey, they could have the hijab wearing genitally mutilated Toronto Police Women, riding on the outsides with islamic flags as they patrol the cultural ghettos in our Canadian cities

  2. And what would the US lose by cutting its ties to Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Porkistan? Just that ever-increasing s***load of bogus refugees from these places, plus the bottomless pit where American-taxpayer money is poured as jizya for no reason that they represent.

  3. Very similar to the Australian Bushmaster truck. The Americans were going to buy it for their troops, but pulled out because the Aussie company wanted to build them in Australia and not loose jobs here. American service men and women lost their lives because of that pullout. I point this out because America refuses to allow us to build the M1 tank here in Australia because they do not want to loose American jobs, another day, another bunch of hypocritical pollies.

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