Terrorist group, ‘Anonymous’ knocks CIA website offline for a few minutes

Just great to have another vigilante group hiding in the darkness while attacking any institution or individual it disagrees with. Fortunatly all they did was take the CIA website offline for a bit and hopefully not do any actual damage. But after what we saw them do to Stratfor and it’s subscribers we know that ‘Anonymous’ is capable of damaging anything or anyone at a whim because they can make up the justification to do so.

Personally I have a hard time differentiating between ‘Anonymous’ and the descriptions they use of their targets.

If they really have damaging information about these groups or people that actually matter in terms of what they do that is against the public interest, then publish it. Let the public be the judge and jury. But attacking their computers, networks and anything else they can get to with no due-process, is terrorism.


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  1. Well, it’s vandalism anyway. The diffused lashing out and expressions of hatred against whoever they choose prove that they will never really change anything. As mentioned, they should bring to the public. Anonynmity is not only cowardly, its as ineffective as an ‘occupy’ protest.

  2. On the other hand they are against internet censorship, which I note is not causing the outrage that it should. Of course the politicians of the world are really worried about terrorism and child porn, they aren’t in the least bothered that they can’t control the internet.
    Anything that consistently shows the ruling classes, with their quai socialist, stroke marxist agenda, including anonymous, does more good than bad.
    If you stand for liberty, you stand for anything that shows these quisling traitors for what they are.

  3. Bullshit. They censor the internet themselves. They knock down any sites that doesn’t match their particular standards of what is OK to say, think or believe. They took down the CIA site, They took down STRATFOR for a long time. They threatened to attack the Islamic brotherhoods site which I strongly object to, because how can I alert and alarm people to who Ikhwan actually are if their site, which details it nicely, is offline?

    These guys are as bad as youtube. Actualy worse. Youtube are not terrorists. ‘Anonymous’ most certainly are.

  4. @Eyeore
    Until the day the government comes for you one day, for the greater good you understand, because you ahave “opinions”, or allow “opinions” to be shown that they don’t agree with.
    Good luck with hiring the sort of lawyers the government can afford, good luck with that.
    The fact that the CIA can’t open a website that is protected is a example of how the government only hires idiots and placemen, rather than people who actually know what they’re doing.
    With that sort of analysis you could find the US involved in all sorts of government wars it cannot win, good job that never happened.
    What’s your paradigm, not their irrationality, mine?

  5. Yes well, the Government has not come for me yet and they in fact do know who I am. At least some people in government. Meanwhile, those twats at ‘anonymous’ have already stolen data from me when they attacked Stratfor and they send me emails pretending to be from Stratfor with links to malicious code as well as a lot of very badly worded and spelled mis and disinformation, again, claiming to be from STRATFOR, not to mention stole my credit card information. I had to call the credit card company as well as change everything and get a security service because of them.

    So you are comparing what might happen by government, and I do not disagree with your assessment in some ways, with what ‘Anonymous’ actually does and has done. Just at the moment, I will take the Canadian government. At least then I can see a face and get a name. I mean, if they actually do come after me.

    By the way it is worth noting that the process works to a degree in Canada. This elected government is expanding individual liberties. More liberal gun control laws, and abolishing section 13 of the hate-thought laws. So gotta love Harper.

  6. The anonymous group is a small left wing terrorist group, one that will eventually prove this fact to most of the world, they are indeed vandals, in my opinion the graffiti artists are morally superior to Anonymous, the graffiti artists do their work in public, not hiding behind a mask.

  7. Anonymous are as much scumbags as any pislamic organisation or the NWO as far as I’m concerned. Sooner or later, if they’re good enough that is, they will probably be recruited by the NWO, so they’re our enemies anyway.

  8. On the accusation of URL vandalism, I must agree. How much different is it than ruining a good paint job of a building or a vehicle? It is not as if the CIA will store secrets at that location anyways. These individuals in their plastic burkas are still individually accountable for their hacktions.

    I’m surprised the CIA didn’t see it coming. Maybe they ruined theor own paint job.

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