Turkey: Complaint filed against Twitter user alias @allah


User has 200,000 followers, sued by tv presenter

08 February, 19:16

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(ANSAmed) – ANKARA – A Twitter user has gained almost 200 thousand followers under the username ”@allah”.

Charges have been filed against him and while the result of the case is uncertain, it has drawn the attention of an information website. The lawsuit against the account ”twitter.com/allahcc” was opened by television presenter Serdar Tuncer, who claims that the more than 4,600 tweets sent by this tweeter mock the Islam and other religions and humiliate their faithful. Tuncer, who presents television programmes dedicated to Ramadan, as the website Bianet reports, has said that ”the correspondence between the person called @allah (cc) and his readers” violates article 216/3 of Turkish Criminal Law on ”denigration of religious values”.

The messages sent by ”@allah”, listed in the complaints, include: ”We have been god for so many years and we are still cooking pasta with tomato sauce.” ”Fortunately, we created sour cherry.” ”With my present mind I would not have created the little finger of human beings.” ”Our side over here is very safe because there is no police.” The tweets contain ”humiliation and insults against Islam and Muslims”, the plaintiff claims, asking the prosecution to focus on the article in Turkish law that sentences “anyone who openly denigrates the religious values of a part of the population” to imprisonment of from six months to one year, ”where the act is sufficient to breach public peace”.

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