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6 Replies to “CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck on the Iran-Venezuela axis. As usual, very good.”

  1. Although I’m an atheïst, I’m a big fan of CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck and Dale Hurd. Their reporting is great. Far more better than the reporting of those ignorant Left-Wing idiots, populating the newsrooms in my country – the Netherlands – and the rest of Western Europe. Most Dutch journalists are not only Left-Wing biased, but also to dumb to poop on their own (figuratively speaking). Nevertheless, they’re often extremely arrogant.

  2. Stakelbeck is the voice of cold hard reality. His work on CBN has been so solid you can now catch him in the company of Gaffney and Gen. Jerry Boykin as featured speakers on Beck and FOX news.
    A world without America. The mofo gall. With an ideology stuck in a cave and commanded by a schizophrenic madman.
    There is a disconnect that securing the border has to do with Iran. This truth about Iran and South America is absent in the news. This is frightening. Until this video I believed that Iran couldn’t possibly hit us anyway but through the acts of suicide bombers/individual fanatics.
    Notice there never is a democrat speaking to security issues. That is profoundly significant to me.
    Thanks for posting,
    Heatha awake in Massachusetts

  3. It’s really telling that in order to to qualify one’s credibility they must assert their denial of a concept of Christianity.

  4. @ Dallas

    Is your comment a reaction on my comment? I only wanted to say that, although I’m an atheist, I appreciate the reporting van the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on these sort of issues. My aim wasn’t to say anything other.

  5. Hey Heatha, fancy bumping in to you here hun, AB. Loved this vid, what the Ambasserdor was saying about the south American counties has already happened in the EUSSR, God alone knows how many sleeper cells there are just waiting for the word from Teahran

  6. Heatha:

    On the other hand, governments rarely telegraph it when they actually do plan to do something. And it is hard not to notice that the US has large bases on all sides of Iran. Even while they dial back Afghanistan they seem to be building, or at least preserving, massive bases near the Iranian border. So one can at least hope that the absence of jingoism as well as the massive resources mean there is a potential for rational action against the IRI

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