Liberal president of the Maldives quits due to coup by opposition Islamics

Remember some weeks ago where Muslims forced the closure of a resort or two in the free and tourist-friendly Maldives? It would appear that those same people managed to topple the entire government there. So far, I cannot find any media report showing the Islamic roots of the overthrow, but I would be willing to bet large and against odds that it was.

Youtube has a number of videos, French and English, on this development.

Here is one of them.

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4 Replies to “Liberal president of the Maldives quits due to coup by opposition Islamics”

  1. The latest on this is that he has stated he was forced at gun point to resign, then marched out the door to house arrest.
    Also, the media in Australia, unlike in lybia and egypt, are refusing to mention the word “muslim”, “islamic”, or anything that notes they are backed by muslim groups.

    Oh well boys and girls (and other genders as applicable), the moozlims have decided its time to make the world wide caliphate, so hang on to ya hats, its gonna get real ugly real soon. The think the 12th imam has returned and its time for a global jihad.

  2. Hm, yes, I commented about it in the article from People of Sambhala that this is just like a small scale Bamyan. Whether Afghanistan or Maldives, Islam always ends up showing the same face.

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