Internet biggest breeding ground for violent extremism, ministers warn

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From The Guardian:

Websites now pose bigger risk than prisons, says report, prompting call to clamp down on ‘unregulated’ material

Pakistani computer user, Islamabad

The internet now plays a greater role in radicalisation than prisons, universities or places of worship. Photograph: Aamir Quresh/AFP/Getty Images

The internet now plays a part in most, if not all, cases of violent radicalisation and is a more significant recruiting ground than prisons, universities or places of worship, according to report by a cross-party group of MPs published today.

The Commons home affairs committee says internet service providers need to be as effective at removing material that promotes violent extremism as they are in removing content that is sexual or breaches copyright.

The committee discloses that a new Home Office counter-terrorism internet referral unit has received 2,025 complaints since it was set up in 2010. About 10% of the offending websites or web pages have been taken down as a result.

But the MPs say far more needs to be done, including more action to take down extremist videos and a new code of practice to draw the line on material promoting violent extremism.

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4 Replies to “Internet biggest breeding ground for violent extremism, ministers warn”

  1. What are we going to do about this so called “first amendment?” what was Bush thinking when he created it?

    Sorry, south park movement there.

  2. That’s fine! banning not only youtube users trying to raise alarm about islam, but also muslims propagating their poison. Violent extremism on the internet must be banned, but not the “extremism” multiculturalists complain about, but the real dangerous muslim extremism they always deny and/or appease…

  3. Danko you got it.

    We are antagonizing Islam so naturally Islam attacks us.

    A long time ago on a world far far away the people used to live by the golden rule and that old saying, “sticks and stones may brake my bones but words can never hurt me,” Now we have moved into a world were Spock has a goatee.

  4. If you take a trip to the heart of darkness, it is very interesting to see what comes up on the internet-surfing computers in Tower Hamlets public libraries. When you start to use one, the first screen to come up is a Code of Conduct written by the Metropolitan Police. In all my days, I’ve never seen a police force get involved in running internet access in a public library. This kind of thing can only have come about because the staff and/or police became aware that these computers were being used for criminal activities.

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