CBC bullies Canadian blogger and taxpayer, Blazing Cat Fur for posting video from SUN TV

Once again, the 1.17 Billion dollar publicly funded corporation the CBC flexes it’s muscles at those who dare criticize it. I remember once a wise man once told me, ‘Stupidity is the second most common substance in the universe. The most common is irony’. Certainly true of the CBC who is less transparent, more biased, and more threatening to its critics than the various agencies that the CBC as Canada’s mass media is supposed to attack others for.

In essence, the CBC is a perfect example of what it was created to oppose, to prevent, and if necessary, to destroy.

Here is the post from Blazing Cat Fur.

Below, the BCF version of the video

And here is SUN TV’s original version:

I really think the time for the CBC as it is, has passed. Please write or call your MP and demand accountability for public funds the CBC receives and perhaps even a dismantling of it altogether. There is no excuse for a public broadcaster in the age of the internet and unlimited spectrum. Canada may need a national voice but we can now manage to get our opinions to each other fairly and equally using the internet. We do not need our opinions manufactured for us anymore, if indeed we ever did.

One thing is certain.

Blazing cat fur, operating on it’s own dime and with no government funding has done a better job of exposing important stories than the CBC has in recent months. And they didn’t need to deliberately falsify information to force their own narrative on us as the CBC did with the Shafia trial (at one point) either.

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