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2 Replies to “Michael Coren opening statement January 30 2012”

  1. I get it Michael and you can say it much better than I can. I wonder how long it will take for the rest of Canadians to get it . . . One can only hope it will be soon.

  2. ramjetejmar, we all can work on our diction and presentation and we all get better in talking sense into those who refuse to see what’s in front of their noses. We may be repelled by the idea of getting up and taking a stand (I often am), but we get better with practice. I read a good quote: “The antidote to bad speech is more speech.” That’s what we must do.

    They are pretty easy to corner without getting bombastic. Usually just calmly asking the right questions to the brainwashed helps them to see their faulty and false reasoning.

    The often well-meaning liberal apologists for barbarism in the name of P-C, our fifth column, don’t get it because of decades of leftist brainwashing, which resonates with the phenomena of P-C, moral and cultural relativist thinking, critical theory and Marxism, collectivism, “social justice”, the twisting and radicalism of the laudable goal of some kind of “universal human rights” (no longer a recognizable concept), liberalism (not liberal at all any more), and just plan cult-like brainwashing. Not to mention all the Alinskyesque tools they use such as denial, deflection and ridicule, charged with lots of self-hatred for our own society.

    It’s like talking to a wall, however. You can work on the same person for years and get no results. It’s a thankless but essential task. They will see you as ignorant in their upside-down perspective. There are many of us working to bring the human race back from the edge of insanity. 😉

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