Youtube closes channel of British Freedom party because they posted Geert Wilders short film, ‘Fitna.’

first of all, it is critical to understand the film itself. This was the now iconic movie made by Geert Wilders showing the teachings of Islam and the result of those teachings in Europe and North America. I believe it was released in 2008. You can see the original version of it by clicking here.

As you can tell by the URL, it is one of Vlad Tepes Blog’s very first posts. When it was released on Live Leak (Too hot for youtube even then) my intuition told me that it would not last and I managed to find a way to preserve it.

It is critical to see that this movie does not criticize Islam so much as expose it. This is why so many Muslims work three shifts to remove it from the internet every place it resides. Now, the fact that the new classically-liberal British Freedom has posted it and subsequently lost their youtube channel is quite revealing in many respects. This film does not violate any laws other than ones created specifically to protect the image of Islam. But it is a serious threat. Why? Because it is indisputably true.

The fact that youtube took it down and closed the channel of a bona-fide UK political party because of it says a great deal.

Please watch the video linked above and send the link far and wide as you can and support British Freedom. After all, if Fitna is that much of a threat, we must be doing something really right.




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6 Replies to “Youtube closes channel of British Freedom party because they posted Geert Wilders short film, ‘Fitna.’”

  1. BHO has dominated the airspace, the space, the outer-space and the cyber-space while allowing homeland to be dominated by Islam. Google, Youtube, Facebook etc. have all been under his control! Scary !!

  2. Fitna is still up on Youtube. They must have had other reasons to zap the British Freedom party. Of course, the group does speak truth to power on the subjects that radical muslims don’t like.

  3. What? When did they take it down? I have watched it many times since it came out and passed on the links to many people

    When is the new one coming out????? Looking forward to that one…

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