Several Israeli embassies have received parcels that contain suspicious white powder

Here is the link to the original French news story, and below, a machine translation into English.

Thank you Baron Bodessey


Monday, January 23, three Israeli embassies in Europe and three consulates in
the United States received envelopes containing “suspicious white powder.”

These envelopes were sent to Israeli Embassy in Brussels, The Hayes and London,
and the consulates in New York, Boston and Houston.

According to information obtained by JSSNews, only the diplomatic mission of
Boston had to be evacuated by the police to secure the premises. At the same
time, all the envelopes have been sent to laboratories to check the danger of
the powder ..

According to the American television SBS, the powder “could be anthrax,” is a
serious “threat to Israeli diplomatic personnel.” While it appears that this
powder is not anthrax, the FBI promised to tighten security of Israeli
representatives in the United States.

The anthrax, or anthrax, is an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus
anthracis. These bacteria form spores that can survive in soil for many years.
These spores are invisible to the naked eye. In large quantities, they can form
a brown powder which has the appearance of cinnamon or cocoa. Color may vary if
the spores are mixed with another substance. They have no smell. The infection
is spread by spores. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, people in the
United States have received letters or packages containing anthrax spores.

Amos Lerah – JSSNews

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