Terror suspect from Manchester is killed in US drone attack in Pakistan

A Manchester man hunted by police over links with al-Qaida has died in a US drone attack in Pakistan.
Aslam Awan was one of four men killed in a missile strike near the Afghanistan border. American intelligence officials say Awan, formerly of Cheetham Hill, was an influential al-Qaida operative involved in planning attacks in the West.
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2 Replies to “Terror suspect from Manchester is killed in US drone attack in Pakistan”

  1. Islamic terrorists will always run to Islamic countries when the western police start hunting them, it is time for the politically correct to wake up and smell the roses of reality. We aren’t at war with Islam but large segments of Islam are at war with us.

  2. Interesting to note that the family hails from, and has now returned to, Abbottabad, the same town where Bin Laden was hiding out and where the HQ of the PK intelligence service (ISI) is located.

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