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5 Replies to “The EUSSR, good to its reputation for Soviet style thinking, wants to brainwash British children young enough to ensure their compliance to EU ideology”

  1. The EU is the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. They can take the EU and shove it along with all our traitorous politicians who support it, and not forgetting the fools who vote for them.

  2. OMG! What the hell is that tethering device used on the children at the 00:19 sec mark? I would personally rip the head off the individual stupid enough to try to
    harness any of my children that way! The EU mentally/physically cages these young impressionable innocents in ways that boggles the mind! Argh!!!!

  3. It’s not even a subtle attempt at brainwashing either…The woman is being completely open and honest about their goals:

    ‘we will never succeed to convince people of the value of being member of the European Union if we do not start early enough with the young people’.

    And that’s her opening statement. The sheer arrogance is amazing. I do find it interesting that reading between the lines they obviously realise the EU is failing so are desperately trying everything to keep in power.

  4. Karl Marx want the take the kids away from their parents to keep them from “exploiting” the kids. The EU and the other leftists know that their policies are failing and are desperate to keep their dream of utopia going. To do this they have to work to bring back the EU after it falls apart during the coming economic mess, they need the kids to support their efforts.

  5. Interesting to speculate on the finances. People interested in the (true) idea that all this is Jewish-promoted, might consider that any tiny minority needing power has to control information – media, TV, books, professors, police, lawyers, advisors and of course education. The huge cost – including an army of these half-witted overpaid clowns, huge numbers of ‘think tank’ liars, the writers and scribbles, the ‘teachers’ wasting money, the interfering types – is so enormous that the whole Jewish project is imperilled purely on that account.

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