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4 Replies to “khalkhali -The true face of the Islamic Republic of Iran”

  1. Welcome to the true face of the left and their allies, they are dictatorial wannabes who want the ability to do to us what this creature did to the Iranians.

  2. Why not? Wouldnt it be fantastic if we could remove the IRI, and maybe the North Korean regime while we are at it? Talk about a boon to end human suffering and increase freedom in the world.

    While I would not like to see a war against the Iranian people, toppling the regime in Tehran would be fantastic. This would likely mean a war against them. And hey, if my vote counts I vote for it!

  3. The war is coming whether we buy it or not, if we buy it we stand a chance of keeping it small, if we ignore the coming war it will spread to a real large one. Unfortunately the current administration will ignore the coming war and let it start and grow big before they are out of office.

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