A new kind of German rock star!

Thank you BB for the hard work in doing this translation.

I am not too happy with this version of the video. I have spent a couple of days trying to embed the subtitles properly and have had a lot of help from many great volunteers.

KitmanTV is now attempting to re-do this video for us with the titles all there and all of it visible. This means that the video will be offline for about 90 minutes once I re-upload the new version while it processes.

Meanwhile, check out this interview on BBC from a year ago nearly exactly with Thilo Sarrazin:

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  1. Integrate and there is no need to talk about substandard races. Not to integrate and the perception will arise that there are genetic differences in intelligence capabilities. There is something about the German psyche however, the obsession for complexity and detail, which doesn’t have a lot to do with intelligence, it’s just the German perfectionist attitude. Unlike the UK which is prepared to hand over their culture, the Germans I would expect will want to protect what it is to be German, culturally. Carried just a little farther, exacerbated with tough economic times, and it’s not much of a stretch to see similar nationalist protectionist movements like what Sarrazin is pushing for. Sounds eerily like 1920’s and 1930’s Germany, just a little smaller than the Nuremberg rallies. Add a little more chaos into the mix and… here we go again!

  2. After watching the entire video I have to say, that the problem is not that all immigrants cannot be integrated, but why are we trying to fix something that wasn’t broken to start with? Germany was better off as an already integrated, mono-cultural and mono-ethnic society. Whether Sarazzin is right or not that these immigrants are naturally less intelligent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true given how high the German bell curve is, the argument shouldn’t even be touching this. It isn’t necessary.

    Show me a truly successful multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society and maybe I’ll change my mind. All of my experience points to distrust, falling standards and political strife.

  3. Arguing against ideology is one thing, but genetics? I’m inclined to disagree on the gene pool theory. However, I would point to this as the type of conflict which is going to come to a head in the near future in Europe as muslims keep trying to impose islam on Europeans and Europeans react angrily.

  4. The political correct journalists of WDR focus on Sarrazin’s far-fetched remarks on genes (covering only a small part of his book ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’), in an attempt to ignore his outstanding analysis on mass immigration of Muslims.

  5. Paris, my comment has nothing to do with dhimmitude, the thought of which repulses me. I do not however believe in eugenics as the answer, and to speak out against the concept of a master race is NOT dhimmitude.

  6. I live in Brussels, where the difference, like I suppose in every other major western European city, in education of a specific fringe of the autochton youth is already quite noticeable: they’re just clueless. Chances that this is the product of having gone to schools with an important immigrant population, where the standards were lowered to accommodate the latter, are great. If only in this respect of his dumbing down theory, Sarrazin is spot on. Also, it is plain delusional to even consider the possibility of being able to maintain the standards of your society by allowing an ever expanding number of heavy consumers to thrive; heavy consumers, who, in return, produce nothing, except more heavy consumers.

  7. Vancouver, British Columbia is a pretty good example of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society, and things are going swimmingly here. And frankly, the superior white people are having a hard time keeping up with the immigrants in the IQ/education department. The rate of immigration is probably too fast, but the vast majority of immigrants have changed the place in very good and interesting ways. It’s not immigrants that are the problem, it’s just that one predatory religion that is the problem. That’s the stark truth. It is imperative that all Western nations halt all Muslim immigration immediately. If they do not there will be unthinkable war and strife in the future with nightly news footage of burning cars, angry masked crowds, kidnappings-for-ransom, gruesome beheading and burning videos, bombing scenes, assassinations, arson, manhunts. Remember the Beirut War? Like that, only in more places at once. That’s what is going to happen if we don’t act – sure as shootin’

    • Actually, even the EDL agree with you. They are on record as saying that ‘multiculturalism is working fine. Its just Islam that is the problem’. I tend to disagree in that multiculturalism can only work if all cultures have basically the same set of values, meaning that they are not different cultures at all really. For example, if culture A has their popular music using mostly the first mode of a major scale and culture B uses the third mode, then the music sounds different and we tend to think we are pretty cool for appreciating that other, alien music. But what if culture C blows up music stores because their god’s messenger told them music is forbidden? How to do you reconcile that?

      Of course you cannot. So while I agree with you, (despite having heard rumors that there are East Asian malls and businesses in Vancouver that will not serve white people) I think we need to abandon the term ‘multiculturalism’ in favour of a multi-ethnic society, which, if all people have the same values, can work fairly well.

  8. Agreed! The concept of “multi-culturalism” is seriously wrong-headed and desirable to no one except those who want to see our culture destroyed. I doubt that very many immigrants have ever had a problem with the idea that they must adapt to their new environment – they bear no blame. The idea of going somewhere and setting up your own little mini-country there would seem, frankly, insane to most anybody from anywhere. Multi-culturalism is probably nothing less than a communist plot served up to us by the Russians via their communist professors agents back in the sixties and seventies. Of course, I sound completely insane saying that, I realize. Funny how they’ve managed to make the truth sound insane. Clever bunch… The thing is, there really was a KGB, and it really was their job to think up things that would make the lives of people in the West worse. That’s not tinfoil-hat stuff, that’s the Cold War. Didn’t the idea of “multi-culturalism” strike you as a perfect recipe for future civil war when you first heard of it? Aren’t most wars about multi cultures squabbling with each other over their differences? Who would create that on purpose except a saboteur?

  9. In California we have Mexicanization, which is only slightly better than Islamization, but still destructive to society. Excessive immigration is the problem, exacerbated hugely by hostile cultures that don’t fit with the majority.

  10. Mr. Jones offers the “Pollyanna” view of Vancouver. My take is the very opposite . Vancouver is a growing social disaster, teetering on the stilts of a fragile and temporary real estate based-prosperity derived from property purchases by wealthy Chinese immigrants. (BTW many of them never really live here, so never pay income tax, preferring to bestow their young, their aged and their dependent relatives on Canada’s apathetic and guilt-ridden health and education systems. Guess who pays?)

    Neighbourhoods are increasingly segregating along ethnic lines, the mixed neighbourhoods being utter failures in inducing common sentiment, and the only commonality being purely economic – the insufficiency of which is the testimony of cultural struggles through the ages. Why would people who have nothing culturally in common live side by side? For love of rainbows? When the money and real estate party ends in Vancouver, and the cheap smugness and superficial entertainment lose their power, watch out. As Lucien Bouchard, the former Premier of Quebec commented, tellingly, Canada is not a real country. It’s a state apparatus intended to write large the moral postures of shallow western liberals, making the place unrecognizable ethnically, bankrupted morally by years of socialism and appeasement. Culturally barren and identitiless, it is ready, even anxious, to deliver itself into the hands of the first plausible aggressor. It is so wearied now from having suffered the thousand lesser cuts of the barbarians already within, through their criticism and their incessant demands for lolly and pie.

    Vancouver is a texbook illustration of Robert Putnam’s thesis that diversity destroys communities. Read this understated article by the left-wing Globe and Mail, and multiply it by three to get some idea of the true situation. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/opinion/alone-so-alone-in-vancouver/article2246891/

    The schools here are social and cultural disasters, with dumbing down now the default setting due to the presence of overwhelming numbers of immigrants, and the total absence of any comon culture or any feasible way of endorsing or creating one. For example, only about three children in my son’s mostly immigrant grade 9 class had even heard of Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

    If Vancouver is swimming, it’s straight towards the falls. It might well be first over, of all the messes that go by the name of major cities of the Western world.

  11. Any group that think they don’t have to assimilate into the base culture of their new home are coming as conquers not immigrants. The left has been using multiculturalism to damage the west and have succeeded, we will have to wait until after the coming war to see how much damage they did.

    The unfortunate thing about this problem is the way the lefts actions are bringing the old racism and eugenics theories back, the more the left pushes their stupidity the further down the road of racism they drive western nations.

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