South African Reverend tweets: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites”


Reverend’s ‘kill whites’ tweet a shocker

January 9 2012 at 10:12am

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ANTI-WHITE RANT: Pastor and DJ Kemo Immanuel Waters says he wont apologise Picture: Facebook


A REVEREND used Twitter at the weekend to call for white people in South Africa to be killed.

The man singled out Helen Zille as among those who should be killed.

The Reverend Kemo Immanuel Waters runs a business called the KemoTherapy Institute of Truth and is an active member of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. He is a DJ and describes himself on his Twitter profile as a preacher, author, poet, father and truth seeker.

From his previous tweets, Waters sounded like an intellectual, spiritual person, who occasionally discussed politics, but not with any controversy.

Then suddenly in the early hours of Saturday morning, this changed.

st p1mugZILLEHATE SPEECH: DA leader Helen Zille says she will lay charges against the Reverend Waters


At 1.33am, the reverend wrote: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites. @helenzille your indifferent and patronizing stance is a double dare…”

The tweet caused an uproar, with many responding angrily.

Zille said the tweet was hate speech and that she would be laying charges against Waters.

Tweeter @bronwynnielsen asked if he had lost his mind.

Waters replied: “No I have not lost my mind. But it is sad that this is what it takes to give racism the attention it deserves?”

In response to @Sibusisomtungwa, he tweeted: “You missed the gist of my msg… which is the only time a black man is afforded a dignified audience is when he pulls a gun.”

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2 Replies to “South African Reverend tweets: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites””

  1. And what about Black people getting killed in Libya just because they’re Black?

    What about all the racism in North Africa against black people?

    It just amazes me as to how brainwashed some Black folk are to think that White people created racism and that they are the worse perpetrators when in reality they are treated much more harshly by other races. Heck China banned Black people from bars in the Olympics.

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