Lowell Green: ‘Can Muslims live next to Christians in peace?’ January 9th 2012

Let me be clear about this one thing. If Canada had a Winston Churchill prize for speaking unfashionable truths at great personal risk, then I nominate Lowell Green for the first one. Hell I may have to make one for just that reason.

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3 Replies to “Lowell Green: ‘Can Muslims live next to Christians in peace?’ January 9th 2012”

  1. I noticed that the women who called in were ones who had either rememberd WWII or who had actually lived in islamic countries. i.e women with direct experiences of Nazism or of Islamism, rather than younger women who merely comsume media about those things.

    The women who would not call in are younger and have absorbed the jihad stage one and two oppression and victimization propoganda that Arabs and Muslims tailor specifically for libral consumption.

  2. i find it strange that militant femenist groups seem to have so little to say about islam’s fanatical mysoginy.
    where is the support for saudi women who would like to drive a car?
    where is the support for muslim women who are forced in to marriages or face death for “dishonouring their families?


  3. I’ve listened to his show and I also found it surreal that most of the callers who understood what he was talking about were older folks. People who had experienced the follies of Nazi Germany, etc. I’m afraid that once these folks are gone, we are doomed to fall under the left wing idiology being pushed on our younger generations through our schools, colleges and universities. God save us.

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