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An interview with the leader/spokesperson for Occupy Copenhagen.

I really try not to bother posting ‘occupy’ crap as its just a few morons who get infinitely more coverage than they deserve based on any rational criteria.

A few noteworthy things are that they all seem to hate capitalism and corporations and use the output of same whenever it is convenient in any way.

Also, that they seem to have no actual solutions or alternatives for any of the things they designate as problems and the rare time they do, it is so laughably worse that they themselves count on the machinery of modern civilization to pick up the shortfalls in their utopias, such as police for rape and theft and so on.

But hey I had to post this. We all need a laugh now and again.

Thank you Baron for the heads up on this:

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  1. OMG where do I start?
    Diaorrhea is caused by capitalism. I never knew that! If only I wasn’t too busy trying to work for a living maybe I would have time to stop and wash my hands!
    Then of course there is the excellent idea of having a resource-based economy instead of one based on er….. no resources!
    I feel a bit sorry for this girl but she is only seventeen and hopefully she’ll grow out of it. She is not to blame. She is typical of the fools exploited by the evil left to do their dirty work for them. Most of the Occupy movement are youths, misfits, idealists, naive fools, or thugs. It is the ringleaders who are using them!

  2. She should pop over to Egypt or Palestine or the Lebanon, or take a wonder through downtown Africa (any city will do), and enjoy the fruits of diversity. Perhaps she won’t be diversified to death.
    They’ll love her theories, especially about the robots.

  3. It’s interesting that the resolutely capitalist West has National Parks, protected forests, zoos, breeding programs and a perception that bio diversity is a generally good thing, and controls and regulates industry. Whereas the resolutely uncapitalist Third World and developing nations are the ones that’s are chopping down their forests, polluting their rivers, allowing slums of inhuman depravity, and generally don’t give a toss about the local flora, fauna or their own people, the planet, or the universe for that matter.

    But somehow we (the West) gets the blame. Still once the robots are running everything we can say it’s there fault not ours.

  4. I know I shouldn’t laugh at what this young lady says in the video but I couldn’t help it. I also realized why she was saying those things. She said she was going to school! Now everyone knows that going to school today can be hazardous to your mental health. Need I say more . . .

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