Internet to be cut completely in Iran?

So far nothing too solid. Mostly rumors. What I read is, the internet for some time now seems to have been deliberately slowed to the point that checking emails already is an exercise in frustration and that apparently, all internet will be stopped within the next several weeks leaving only a kind of national ‘intranet’.

If anyone has more solid info, please post in the comments. However if true, it is foreboding indeed.


Our Persian friend Shab, just sent me this email she received:

We cannot use standard mode of G-mail. just using basic html.

approximately, all of big ISP’s already controlled by SEPAH (IRGC) members..

one of them owns by FARMANDAR E TEHRAN, Mr. Tamaddon!!

but you know, Internet is going to be down by IRI GOV from one side.

but worst of it that in the end internet users decide to go back to those

days of dial-up internet..because they can’t use ADSL speed any more…”

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