Some interesting ‘revelations about the Norway-psycho Breivik’

It has been determined, again, that the vast right wing terrorist groups he spoke of can only exist in his head as he is far far too narcissistic to actually cooperate with anyone. That and extensive, over-the-top police investigation of all his alleged influences/accomplices which revealed nothing at all.

Here are a couple of links that may be worth putting in to Google-tranlsate for those interested.

1. “I am the greatest monster since Quisling”

2. ABB’s organization does not exist

I wonder if Fjordman can get his socks back now.

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2 Replies to “Some interesting ‘revelations about the Norway-psycho Breivik’”

  1. This man is not as insane as they want us to believe, however I agree he is not part of any group, much less a right wing group of terrorists, his ego wouldn’t let other people into the same room with him, much less the same organization.

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