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5 Replies to “Nigerias president, Good Luck Jonathan, has declared a state of emergency due to Islamic terror”

  1. Dear Dr. Jonathan,
    I have read a lot about the Boko Haram Scourge and to my chagrin I found out that a lot of factors are being left out of the matrix to solve the problem.
    Firstly, have you ever imagined being invaded by aliens from outer space (unknown enemies), and have you ever thought of how to completely protect yourself from this enemies? Boko Haram might not just be a Muslim problem – the scourge could easily transcend the boundaries of Nigeria and they could be faceless people (white, Yellow or Black) showing you Nigerian faces.
    Has anybody figured out who the financiers of Boko Haram are? Or have you checked your flanks around the Borno state area and also the Sokoto area. Maybe you need to fortify your flanks with extra military presence in that area, because it looks like your flanks are completely open looking from above. So Boko Haram could easily be moving in and out of your borders without your knowledge.
    From my understanding and discussion with other allied professionals, Nigerian economy went into an abyss during the 80’s and a lot of factors are involved- your security network was controlled by “Mossad” and the economy went down because nobody could figure out where the leakages came from, about that same time you have a rapacious predatory, anti-democratic President who sold off Nigeria’s birthright to this Jewish agents. So many other things took place in Africa during that period including AIDS, Ebola, Liberian civil war and Sierra Leone civil war and all this took its toll on Nigeria’s economy. Mossad agents are known never to support Black people’s advancement, then why lean on them.
    From what I have seen so far where I am, I expect Mossad agents working in conjunction with the same ex-president to foster Boko Haram to destabilize the present advancement in Nigeria in order for him to remain popular. Here are my proffered solution to this menace:-
    1. Shut down all foreign accounts linked to all ex-presidents until the problem is solved.
    2. Increase security around borders
    3. Continue to monitor the whole territory 24/7 on land, Air and Sea.
    4. All Aircrafts entering your air space(no matter how small) must be challenged to “identify “ or get shot down within 3 minutes.
    5. Get several top psychologists together in a military Hospital and ask ex- presidents to be tested for psychiatric fitness/treatment by administering truth Serum in Oxygen tents because the young generation complained about molestation of their future by one of the ex-presidents- with these, the truth will be revealed by dialogue.
    6. By the time you collect their statements, the truth will be revealed and you can terminate the Boko Haram scourge within 4 weeks and all culprits will be arrested and tried.
    7. ***The nation must be placed on highest alert especially on January 15th***

  2. What a load of utter bullshit. Boko Haram is an officially Al Queda affiliated group. They do not hide their AQ connections, nor do AQ deny it. The funding is likely from Saudi Arabia, and-or from other African AQ groups such as Al Shabab who make a ton off of piracy. Easily enough to finance these operations.

    Your attempt to blame Israel and-or Jews for Muslim attacks on Christians is pathetic. Warm up on Downs Syndrome centers and once you can convince a few of them, then maybe you can try your routine here again.

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