“John Connor” is born.

Those familiar with The Terminator movie franchise, will recognize the name as belonging to the semi-messianic figure who comes to humanity’s aid and saves it from the dark forces of mindless evil that threaten its complete annihilation.

The son of Sarah Connor who epitomises physical bravery, discipline and dedication, and a father who is peerlessly shrewd and intelligent and can “see the future”: John Connor grows up to be the saviour of the human race in its great battle against the mindless machines programmed to eradicate all that is human and good from the planet…

from DutchNews.nl

Ayaan Hirsi Ali gives birth to baby boy

Dutch-Somali anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali has given birth to a baby boy at the age of 42, the Volkskrant reports on Friday.

Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch MP, married Scottish historian Niall Ferguson earlier this year.

Ferguson left his wife of 17 years and three children for Ali, after they met at a party in 2009.

Hirsi Ali now works for a conservative think-tank in the US.

I am sorely tempted to paraphrase the most famous saying of the great Edmund Burke.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good people… not to breed!

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10 Replies to ““John Connor” is born.”

  1. And his politics, not bad, but as a person, yikes, she probably gave him the best head he\d ever had and that would have sealed the deal, most men are so pathetic and weak, they can’t seperate their heads from their penis, and sooooo easy to understand why those ugly a-rabs and packiderims insist on having power and domination over women and force them to hide their bodies

  2. Yes Morticiaa most feminists and lesbians never fail to display their hatred of men
    given the slightest excuse. Your vulgar language in describing their happy event
    Combined with your description of Ayaa Hirsi Ali as a F…… Slut is beneath contempt.

  3. Another non-white freedom fighter who make used of the West to get western citizenship? Those non-whites and blacks and browns and yellows don’t have to come to the West to fight for freedom. They can always fight for freedom in their own black, non-white countries, since most blacks and non-whites are known to be an aggressive lot or inappropriately aggressive at the slightest opposition against them. Just as black and non-white people generally don’t like whites/westerners to interfere in their predominantly black and non-white politics, those easterners/blacks/non-whites should also not interfere with the white/western politics. That would make the world much more safer, secure and more stable.

  4. He left his wife of 17 yrs and 3 children…….the reason the world is sooo broken and evil. Niall, the ‘historian’, has yet to learn that .

  5. To be free is nothing in comparsion to becoming free which is everything! Mrs Ali; deserves all the happiness in the world and much more!

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good people‚Ķ not to breed!”

    With the world population tipping at 7 billion: more breeding cannot be a good thing!

  6. Freedom comes with responsibility to work on improving oneself and to adapt according to circumstances. It is time people realise that the West is NOT free for everyone and NOT free to accept anyone or everyone, however acceptable they may appear to be. As it is, there is really very little freedom in this world, and it would be good if more decent people can have more freedom to do good.

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