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6 Replies to “American Muslims upset with counter terrorism efforts”

  1. Ouin!!! Ouin!!! Ouin!!! Snif! Snif!
    If you don’t allow us to prepare our destructive actions quietly,
    then we won’t go to your breakfast.
    Pff!! Stay home then.

    This is how hypocrite sectarian ideologist terrorists should be dealed with.
    It is only the beginning.
    Bravo NY!

  2. “American Muslims upset with counter terrorism efforts”

    now there’s a surprise.
    this points to so-called moderate muslims quietly supporting their more (openly) violent brethren.
    some thing that our leftist liberal elite have always denied.
    they wont be able to and get away with it for much longer.

  3. Message: Stop trying to stop us from destroying the US. They have a rudimentary understanding of using the legal system against us, but the great concepts escape them.

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