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12 Replies to “Muslims attempt to steal credit for Western science, even things before Mohamed.”

  1. I have had my debates with my muslim colleagues about science, where one is undermining scientific theories as “just theories” without understanding what is the scientific theory, while other guy just kept saying that all is in qur’an and all scientific discoveries made can be found also from qur’an. He didn’t like it when i asked, why is allah letting kuffar to find all wonders of science and take the credit for it?
    Few years ago there was an article in pakistan times which claimed that atomic bomb is actually discovered by muslim’s, probably they were trying to justify their own atomic weapons.

  2. Only people with real low self esteem try to steal the results of others labors, having said that the attempt is poorly done and anyone with a decent education will laugh at the claims. Unfortunately way too many are products of the modern educational system and have not received a decent education.

  3. And of course those selfish easterners would try to prevent anyone from improving on the technology or knowlege that they stole from the west.

  4. The saudis have been putting out this racist “islamic science”, which is really arab, islamic science, for years. They also pay sell-out scientists in the West to substantiate the “science in the koran”. It’s all such flagrant lies. Fortunately, a few minutes of research on the internet and you can find out the truth.

  5. Science still has an author of genuine authority about which religion has lost as it is associated with so many nutty people. Plus these muzzie propaganda people will always go after the stupidest people who will not do any research for themselves. Black prisoners come to mind in the US. A little lecture on the glories of Islamic science and that that black man is being kept down by the white man and the perp is ready to go on Jihad for the Arabs. No intelligent person is going to buy this crap.

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