Christopher Hitchens. R.I.P

Here is a post I have been avoiding doing all day. Because  I truly admire, respect and appreciated this man. Doing this post is forcing me to think about it. I suppose given the courage Hitch lived his life with, the least I can do is face the facts of his death as much as it pains me.

He was one of the very first voices of influence from what could be said to be the ‘main stream media’ to speak about the threat of Islam to the Western liberal world. One of the first to talk about the current threats to freedom of speech. Perhaps the first of the ‘leftist’ journalists of influence to back GWB and the deposition of the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein while leftists were busy doing everything they could to force Iraqi citizens to continue living under that genocidal maniac. Whether you agree with that action or not, the fact that Hitch had the courage to stand against all his traditional allies and friends and support a widely demonized and vilified president, certainly in popular culture, shows something all to rare.


I do not think I shall look upon his like again. (WS)

RIP Chris Hitchens.

Thank for this one Golem:

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