Charity carol concert attacked by Congo protesters

 Carol singers raising money for a cancer charity in Trafalgar Square were attacked by protesters during a night of disorder that saw 139 arrests.

143 arrests in London over Congo protests

 Shops were attacked, passers-by threatened and car windows smashed during a demonstration in central London against the election result in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The carol concert was raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. It was organised by a group of friends whose loved ones had been treated for cancer.

Masked teenage boys ‘stormed’ the singers, throwing bottles of water and hot drinks into the crowd. A woman in her 40s, said to be undergoing treatment for breast cancer, was pulled to the ground. A youth attempted to set light to the Christmas tree, an annual gift from the city of Oslo since 1947, one witness said.

“They were determined not to let us sing and have fun and utterly ruined the atmosphere. Have your protest and make your point, but why did you have to ruin a lovely occasion with your scuminess,” Mark Horton, a conductor of the choir, wrote in a message online. The concert was cut short amid safety concerns.

The attack was ‘egged on’ by teenage girls who screamed and shouted “like the possessed”, another witness said.

Police made 110 arrests for affray as fights broke out between demonstrators.

Other arrests were made for assaulting police officers, obstructing police and blocking a public highway. Police held demonstrators inside double decker busses before ferrying them to custody.

The demonstration began as an agreed ‘static’ protest in Whitehall on Saturday evening against the re-election of President Joseph Kabila, which international observers say “lacks credibility”.

The vast central African country has immense mineral wealth but has been ravaged by civil war, corruption and economic mismanagement. Protestors accuse Western governments of propping up the regime.

On Thursday a group of 200 Congo demonstrators forced the evacuation of Oxford Circus tube station, central London, after they set off a passenger alarm on an underground train.

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7 Replies to “Charity carol concert attacked by Congo protesters”

  1. My sister said something to me the other day. (This was in reference to the Petit murders in Connecticut; a family who were targeted in a mall simply because they looked happy). She said that there are some people who CANNOT BEAR to see others being happy or celebrating. It is a kind of SICK JEALOUSY which incites them to put down, or in this case attack the happy innocents. – as if this will take away the gnawing feeling of inadequacy. These people should be sent back to Congo; let them try this “stunt” there.

  2. The wars in the Congo have virtually been going on since the middle sixties, with various factions and leaders going in and out of political favour as the whims of western support changed. It has been estimated that up to 5 1/2 million civilian deaths have occurred because of these conflicts – almost half of them being children under the age of five. The long and brutal conflict in the DRC has caused massive suffering for civilians, with estimates of millions dead either directly or indirectly as a result of the fighting. There have been frequent reports of weapon bearers killing civilians, destroying property, committing widespread sexual violence, causing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes or otherwise breaching humanitarian and human rights law. There have also been documented reports of cannibalism. An estimated 200,000 women have been raped.
    The Congo is very rich in resources that are in demand in the world – much of the conflict was focused on gaining control of substantial natural resources in the country, including diamonds, copper, zinc, and coltan.
    The people there have suffered endlessly because of western interference and tribal conflicts – but that suffering in no way excuses the atrocities that people from the DRC bring to peaceful nations in the west, let alone brutally and savagely spoil a Christian celebration in London. Shame, shame on those who attacked innocent people trying to celebrate Christmas and do some good for cancer sufferers. Shame. The perpetrators of this violence should be sentenced to hefty jail time, and also looked into for deporting them when they are out.

  3. A group raising money for cancer. Sounds like a mainstream group. I am sorry for this, but the mainstream need to see for themselves and suffer from these groups. Warnings have resulted in vilification of the one warning. When the mainstream suffer, they will start to cry out.

  4. There have always been rowdy, violent young people around, the only difference today is that they know they can get away with it for some reason. What do you suppose would have happened if a group of Congo protestors had attacked a Carol singing group back in 1960, or 1890? That’s right, you don’t even want to think about it. The problem is that violent street crimes like this have somehow established themselves to be somehow “valid”, and as such are tolerated.

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