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7 Replies to “78% of UK Muslims oppose freedom of speech”

  1. I am surprised that the number is that low.

    At least one reporter is discovering the threat, now if he will do more study and report on what he finds.

  2. No ideology be it religious or otherwise has a right to protection from criticism particularly if it infringes on human rights. “Respect, this and respect that man or else forfeit your brain and head” as if respect was something that can be imposed! They are not asking for “respect” but rather submission and without question too. Civilizations, Western in particular, owes their greatness to the faculty of critical judgement. Mankind would never have attained the standard it did in science, humanities, technology etc, etc, had it not applied all things to the standard of its critical faculties.

    It is most unlikely that Islam could and would withstand a critical analysis and for obvious reasons. This goes to show its incompatibility with modern, secular democracies.

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