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5 Replies to “Iran may sell US drone to China, Russia etc.”

  1. I still don’t get how there wasn’t some sort of self destruct mechanism built into such a high tech piece of kit like this? And also it is plainly obvious that this thing wasn’t shot down by the Iranians as it is obviously,perfectly intact? I can only assume one of two things,either this was one monumental mistake by the Americans or that there is some sort of logical method behind there madness.I’m hoping for the latter.

  2. The claim that Iran made, that they actually took control of the drone using a hack on US technology is possible. It would explain why the self destruct mechanism which this drone certainly has, did not work. It is also possible that the drone failed. It is also possible, but less likely, that the US wanted this to happen so they can track where it goes, and target it for a strike later on. I doubt this is the case but we can always hope, right?

  3. Eeyore you have more faith in inbred Iranians than I do. If these people are so smart how come they can not even figure out how to make some nuclear thingy work. First the Russians and now the the North Koreans are involved with that. The thing just malfunctioned. In any case why sell it to the Russians. Not smart enough to figure it out and use it yourself. More help from smarter people needed it seems. Can you imagine the Russians selling this to anyone. They would figure it out. Ditto China and India.

  4. I am hearing that the Russians provided a jammer to Iran, this blocked the commands to the drone and it crashed. from the condition of the drone it landed rather softly, this makes the hack scenario more likely. If the reports I am getting are right the Russians and Chinese already have people studying the drone.

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